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This round of 'Recently Read' features a bit more variety of genres, I think, including a huge effort to catch up on reading the Fables graphic novel series. I also managed to catch up and complete Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series, which I began reading way back at the start of summer. It was a long time coming, but well worth it. I also read some straight literary fiction, some mysteries, and of course, way too many romances! And so, my reading for 2013 is at an end. In all, I read approximately 100 books -- way past my initial target of 70! You can find other instalments of Recently Read for 2013 here, here, and here - or just check out the tag! And read on to see just what I read during the last months of the year ...

My lady quicksilver / Bec McMaster
Mystery man / Kristen Ashley
Sweet / Erin McCarthy
Much ado about Dutton / Claudia Dain
The house girl / Tara Conklin
Fangirl / Rainbow Rowell

Tangle of need / Nalini Singh
First strike / Pamela Clare
Striking distance / Pamela Clare
Heart of obsidian / Nalini Singh
Ride / J.C. Emery
Visconti's forgotten child / Elizabeth Power
Fables, vol. 10: The good prince / Willingham et al.
Fables, vol. 11: War and pieces / Willingham et al.
Fables, vol. 12: The dark ages / Willingham et al.
Fables, vol. 13: The great Fables crossover / Willingham et al.
Fables, vol. 14: Witches / Willingham et al.
Moonlight mile / Dennis Lehane

Fables v. 15: Rose Red / Willingham et al.
Fables v. 16: Super team / Willingham et al.
No good duke goes unpunished / Sarah MacLean
Fables v. 17: Inherit the wind / Willingham et al.
Redemption / Stephanie Tyler
Wild invitation / Nalini Singh
So tough to tame / Victoria Dahl
Fables v. 18: Cubs in toyland / Willingham et al.
Aftershock / Jill Sorenson
Hell's knights / Bella Jewel

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