Z702.A3 → Some Wayward Books Return Home

Recently, my work held a "clean-up week" in which the entire building voluntary went through their offices in order to get rid of absolutely anything that could thrown out or recycled. Thankfully, the mass-email that was issued beforehand included the suggestion to return any outstanding library books that people may find.

This may sound relatively minor, but several years ago our library had a chronic issue of letting clients walk out without actually signing things out. Yeah, that doesn't really jibe with the whole "library" thing, y'know? So needless to say, my boss and I were rather excited to find that people were actually returning outstanding books! Books that had been missing for at least 3+ years are actually going to go back on the shelf! Not only that, but we've had some great donations of non-library books from clients as well which is awesome!

So, upon going through some of the donation/returned stack of books, I came across perhaps one of the best books I've ever laid eyes on ...

That title! So great! (Find it at a library near you!) But yes, obviously this book deserved a little more than a casual flip through. And then I discovered the illustrations ...

This has obviously become my most favourite book ever. It's little things like this - and realizing that yes, you can keep it in a science library just for laughs - that makes me love my job.

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