Hey there! My name is Sam and I'm a twenty-something librarian and information professional based in Canada. I currently work as a part-time librarian in the children's and community services sector of a public library in a large city in Ontario.

The blog, zedsixeightytwo, was named in honour of the Library of Congress' classification for library personnel and staff (general works, of course). I've been blogging about librarianship and library-related issues since early 2013. This blog acts as a means for me to cover a variety of topics that I'm interested in as a librarian, which sometimes include: information literacy, collection management, and some reader's advisory. I also like to talk about different reading genres - especially romance - and what I've read lately. I also frequently post about my ongoing planning and development of children's programs, including storytime outlines and art programs.

Outside of librarianship I'm an avid watcher of hockey, drinker of tea, and reader of many romance novels. My first loves will always be art and history - and any combination thereof - and I could probably talk someone's ear off about my love for Caravaggio if given the chance. My interest in graphic and web design has pushed me to teach myself HTML and CSS, so my spare time is often filled with fiddling with code in order to perfect my blog design. I also maintain a personal lifestyle blog over at winterblooms, where I like to talk about interior design, style, and my love of food.

I talk about books and library issues on Twitter @swalk24, and you can find out more about me in a professional capacity here