Flannel Friday: Sandcastles

Ooooh, my first Flannel Friday submission! I find I've been experimenting a lot more with flannel/felt boards within my storytime sessions - and for the summer, I wanted to expand to making my own and not just using the sets my library already has. And so: sandcastles!

Rhyme: 5 Little Sandcastles [Credit: Storytime Katie, with some word changes]
Five little sandcastles standing on the shore,
The tide came in (whooosh!), and then there were four!
Four little sandcastles standing by the sea,
The tide came in (whoosh!), and then there were three!
Three little sandcastles standing by the ocean blue,
The tide came in (whooosh!), and then there were two!
Two little sandcastles standing in the sun,
The tide came in (whooosh!), and then there was one!
One little sandcastle just out of reach,
The tide came in (whooosh!), but it stayed on the beach!

I'm using this flannel set (and rhyme) today in the first summer session of toddler storytime. We're doing a beach theme, in honour of summer break, so this should be perfect!

As for the template - I made my own for the castles, which was a little bit tougher than I originally thought it'd be, if only because math got involved, here's the template I created and used, if you'd like to use it too. I went back and forth on adding the numbers to the castle, but decided to go for it because I thought it be good for pre-schoolers learning their numbers and also because it added a bit of colour to an otherwise rather bland colour scheme.

This week's Flannel Friday round-up is being organized by Katie over at Story Time Secrets. You can check out the Flannel Friday website, Pinterest, and on Facebook.


  1. Welcome aboard! These are adorable, your storytime kids will love them. ~ jane