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I feel like I've been building up a small collection of links for some time now - for some unknown reason I've been waiting to post them. Perhaps I wanted a bit more? It's moot now, because here (some with, admittedly, rather little explanation) are links to things that have caught my attention the past little while and are really worth exploring.

This is a hard truth to face, particularly since I'm quite a fan of the historical romance subgenre, but Jane points out some hard truths of it. It's from earlier this month, but well worth the time and effort to read.

This is a direct follow-up to the link above - a nice, handy list of some well recommended novels that aren't based in that over-populated Regency era.

This post is also from much earlier in the month but takes on the ideas recently discussed by Library Journal's editor-in-chief, Michael Kelly. Is there really value in the MLS, and do we really need it?

I'm pretty fascinated by the whole concept of MOOCs right now and would love to gather my thoughts at some point to write a whole post about them and their potential relationship with libraries. This will have to do for now.

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